Role Of Teacher.

The beginning stages of foreign language learning usually take place in a classroom and modeled by a professionally prepared foreign language teacher not an amateur one, who determines the teaching materials and the method figuring out what type of learner we are, sets the pace, and creates the learning environment. However, as foreign language learners we have to remember that without our active input and participation even the most brilliant teacher will not be as much of help to us as he or she could have been. Thus, we have to discuss our goals and preferred ways of learning before we start. Our teacher not only models the foreign language we are studying, but he or she is also an important source of information how the foreign language structured, what phrases and expressions mean, and when and how they are used. And also, we have to use the foreign language we study as soon as possible and ask for additional explanations if we find something confusing or inadequate. We make sure that we understand the corrections in our speaking as well as in what we write, and the reading materials. Periodically he or she has to check our progress. Also, our foreign language teacher should be able to provide advice and feedback on how we have to study a foreign language. If his or her suggestions do not work for us, we develop our own study techniques and continue using those that have worked for us in the past. The foreign language teacher also helps us set a pace of learning. In many instances a foreign language course is taught by a foreign language teacher who is not a native speaker of the language. He or she may speak the foreign language with an accent. Many excellent foreign language teachers recognize this limitation in themselves, and they supplement the course with recordings of native speakers. The important factor is the ability of each of us foreign language learners to mimic what we hear and our motivation to improve our pronunciation, as well as seek every opportunity to interact with the foreign language native speakers.

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